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Samantha ([personal profile] sitcom) wrote2009-05-28 06:02 pm
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jason bought me my first golfing glove on tuesday. it's pink and i'm in love with it.

he thinks it's hilarious when i throw the club around and whip my sunglasses off my face to throw down the hill. "you get so frustrated, baby! it's so far removed from who you really are that i can't help but laugh."

he's been telling me for months that i can't do a "stink eye". after one game of golf, he says i've perfected it.

despite it being the most frustrating game on the planet, i get butterflies when i think of playing. mainly because jason loves it so much and the fact that he's including me in it makes me so happy. he tells everyone he's teaching me to play golf and then tells me how cute i look with my ponytail down my back and my purple polo on.

i was a little worried there for a while that we had already lost that "honeymoon" vibe. i worried we were spending too much time together. but as i left his house wednesday morning for work, he called me and said "i miss you already". i talked to him last night for almost an hour and the first thing he said was "it feels weird without you here".

love is a splendid thing.